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Forté Pharma philosophy

Forté Pharma philosophy

How to preserve your beauty capital?



A fresh and healthy skin, shiny and soft hair, and a suntanned healthy look are considerable assets and the sign of good overall fitness. But the effects of time, pollution or an unbalanced diet can curb this beauty capital. There are, however, essential gestures and simple routines for preserving it over the long term.



a female quest since
time immemorial

Being beautiful has always been a key concern of women since ancient times.

Among the Egyptians, cosmetics were coated with a spiritual meaning, as improving appearance or preserving youth was already a way of gaining eternity.

Roman women, meanwhile, deodorised their skin with alum stone and heightened the brilliance of their complexion with facial masks made from wheat flour and donkey milk. They hydrated their skin with oils and soothed its irritations with a mixture of incense gum, myrrh and nitre mixed with honey and coated with fennel and dried roses.

The rituals of oriental beauty have also reached us and we know the use that the women of North Africa made of ghassoul and argan oil.

Today, this desire for beauty concerns all women, whatever their age, and we call on ancestral recipes as well as innovations of science. The search for beauty is paired with a search for well-being: we preserve beauty capital at the same time as we improve our health capital.


Factors that affect our

beauty capital



Stress, smoking and poor diet often constitute veritable aggressions to our skin and hair. 



Hormonal changes (pregnancy, menopause) or seasonal changes may be the cause of devitalisation or hair loss.



UVB radiation can have dangerous effects on the skin and accelerate its ageing.

How to preserve

How to preserve

your beauty capital?

The ideal way to preserve the beauty of your skin and your hair is through:

- Diet, which must be varied and balanced, rich in fruit and vegetables (antioxidants)
- Treatments, in the larger sense (hydration, exfoliation, massage etc.)

In terms of skin, it is suitable, from a very early age, to moisturise the epidermis in depth, and to regularly exfoliate and massage the facial areas when applying treatments in order to activate the microcirculation. It is also essential to preserve skin from direct sunlight by prohibiting repeated exposure, especially during the hottest hours, and to protect skin from the free radicals of UV radiation by using protection tailored to your phototype.

Like skin, hair also needs to be nurtured, and like skin, it is constantly subject to external aggressions of all kinds: effects of the sun, brush strokes, hair-dryer heat, overly aggressive cosmetics.

To maintain its strength and keep a beautiful appearance, hair needs lipids, vitamins and minerals and suitable cosmetic treatments (oils, masks etc.)

Finally, if nutritional intake is inadequate, specific dietary supplements, rich in essential nutrients and antioxidants (vitamins A, C, E) will help preserve skin and hair from the aggressions and deficiencies that affect their balance and their beauty.

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