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forte pharma

A brand born from an expert conviction

Our history

Basically, since the dawn of humankind, our body has developed and renewed itself each day from our food. Yet, our diet has changed more in 50 years than in 50 centuries!

The Laboratoires Forté Pharma was created from a conviction: dietary supplements can compensate for certain deficiencies related to the processing of food in recent times.
Dr Yann Rougier, Founder and Expert in Nutrition


Creation of the Laboratoires Forté Pharma in Monaco by Yann Rougier, nutrition expert

Having lived and collaborated with many scientific research teams in the United States, Europe and Japan, Yann Rougier decided to found the Laboratoires Forté Pharma in 1999 in Monaco.


Launch of the products Minceur 24, TurboDraine and Vitalité 4G, now among the best sellers of Forté Pharma

Formulated by the Research and Development teams of the Laboratoires Forté Pharma from a rigorous selection of effective natural origin active ingredients for helping weight loss or for regaining fitness, Minceur 24, TurboDraine and Vitalité 4G are among the essentials.


Creation of a subsidiary in Belgium and the setting up of a distribution in Spain, Portugal and Italy

Building on the success of Forté Pharma products in France, development has centred on the European growth of the laboratories with the creation of a subsidiary in Belgium and the expansion of product distribution in the neighbouring Mediterranean countries: Spain, Portugal and Italy


Obtaining Pharmaceutical Laboratory status

Pharmaceutical Laboratory status allows Forté Pharma to expand its range of health products by selling medicinal products. It guarantees the quality, safety and efficacy of the medicinal products of the Laboratoires Forté Pharma.


Launch of two medicinal products: Dormicalm and Venaclar 600mg

After obtaining the status of Pharmaceutical Laboratory in 2009, the Laboratoires Forté Pharma decided to market two OTC products (non-prescription) on French territory. Dormicalm, herbal medicinal product and Venaclar 600mg, medicinal product containing diosmin.


Incorporation of the Laboratoires Forté Pharma into the Spanish pharmaceutical group REIG JOFRE

The Spanish company Natraceutical, owner of the Laboratoires Forté Pharma, merged with the group Reig Jofré on 31 December 2014. This merger gave rise to the fifth pharmaceutical laboratory quoted on the Spanish stock market.

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