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forte pharma

A brand born from an expert conviction

Forté pharma,

in a few words

  • A laboratory with certified pharmaceutical company status established in 1999 in Monaco by Dr Yann Rougier, Founder and expert in Nutrition.
  • Dr Yann Rougier has also acted as a top consultant for professional athletes in various areas (soccer teams, ATP World Tour tennis players, Formula 1 car drivers).
  • Forté Pharma’s product range includes food supplements, medical devices and medicines.
  • Forté Pharma is :

  • A key player in food supplements and a leading slimming brand with its flagship product Minceur 24/TurboSlim Chronoactive (over 10 million units sold since its launch in 2004).
  • A recognized player in the Energy and Beauty segments.
  • A team of over 100 employees including 80 in France and Monaco.
  • An annual turnover of over 30 million €.
  • An international company active in more than 20 markets.
  • Forté Pharma is a laboratory belonging to Reig Jofre, the 5th Spanish Pharmaceutical company with over 150 million € sales.

Yann Rougier answers :

What led you to found Forté Pharma Laboratories?

Yann Rougier's video responses

Yann Rougier, founder of Forté Pharma and expert in nutrition, explains his global vision of well-being, the positive impact of food supplements on the human organism and the interest of chronobiology.

What are the main differences between a food supplement and a medicine?

Why are food supplements a response to issues of our time?

What is chronobiology?

Les spots télé de Forté Pharma

Les Laboratoires Forté Pharma ont récemment fait évoluer leur communication. Découvrez les derniers spots publicitaires des produits alimentaires Forté Pharma.

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