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Forté Pharma philosophy

Forté Pharma philosophy

How to slim?

You’ve decided to lose weight to help you

feel better about yourself

But amid the multitude of slimming promises, you don't know which approach to take.
Slimming and staying slim is primarily a question of dietary balance, at the same time keeping to a few key principles on a daily basis.

Understanding the

Understanding the

weight loss mechanism

A small reminder: We lose weight if the energy our body expends is greater than the energy our diet provides it with.

So there are two solutions:

  • Reduce energy input, so eat less.
  • Increase expenditure, so take more exercise.

Note: eating less does not mean skipping meals, because then our metabolism gets used to expending fewer calories and you will get the opposite of the desired effect. You need to reduce quantities in a reasonable way so that the body stays in good health.

Combined with a balanced diet, regular physical activity is crucial to successful slimming. Physical activity helps you burn calories, stay in shape and have a firm body. For example, take the stairs instead of the lift, walk instead of taking the car.

In a slimming diet, your figure will certainly improve but it's possible that your weight will stay the same. This is explained very simply by an increase in muscle tissue. So don’t go on weight alone, take into account your body measurements and how you look in the mirror.


Setting a

slimming goal

We all have an ideal weight, which however can change with time.

Firstly it should be a weight that doesn't endanger our health and one where we feel physically and intellectually right. To take stock before starting a diet, it’s important to work out your Body Mass Index (BMI).

When you’ve worked out your BMI, it’s up to you to decide on your slimming goal in order to achieve a healthy weight for you, a weight at which you feel good and comfortable with yourself.



simple rules

Choose the right diet

Choose the right diet

A slimming diet should be right for a particular individual, depending on age, weight, history, previous diets, stress levels, lifestyle, etc. The only diets that work involve a profound dietary change over a long period.

Keep motivated

Keep motivated

It’s well known that motivation will make all the difference to a successful diet. So we shouldn’t isolate ourselves and we need the right support to keep well motivated.

Pay attention to the stabilization phase

Pay attention to the stabilization phase

A dietary rebalance will not succeed without the stabilization phase. Good habits learned during the diet should be retained. However, don’t beat yourself up at the slightest digression, you have the right to please yourself, you just have to know how to manage these digressions over the course of the week.


Identifying your

slimming need

Slimming needs vary depending on individuals. Some of us want to slim overall, others need to lose weight in a particular area. And others want to moderate their appetite or are looking for a daily "slimming partner” to support them in their approach.

All these elements will help you determine what type of product can help you.

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